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I see "thinking beyond boundaries" as a way of continually questioning modes of thought and action, views, norms, values, knowledge and information, and of examining their usefulness in terms of a sustainable and integrative development of society.

I also see thinking beyond boundaries, both in my personal and professional life, as a call to constantly diverge from familiar paths and to try out the new and unfamiliar. Thinking about perceiving and drawing boundaries has long been an important part of my personal and professional life.

I have been especially interested in exploring how to personally and professionally encourage developments in society that are both sustainable and integrative, and aim to bring about individual well-being, equal opportunities and global justice.

My work has thus developed in different directions, combining theoretical, conceptual and practice-oriented approaches. I see sustainable living and working as a collaboration with academics and practical people from a number of different fields, with the goal of exchanging knowledge and experience on how social, ecological, economic, cultural and political boundaries are created as well as developing and transferring knowledge and skills for taking action.

For me, bringing together sociological and economic research and consultation, animal welfare, biodiversity conservation, hiking and mountain climbing creates a constantly changing, complimentary reality.




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