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Overgrowing Boundaries

Natural gardens are diverse habitats for us and other living creatures. They therefore help conserve biodiversity and enable us to experience the natural changes that occur throughout the year and, to a certain extent, to be more self-sufficient.

Please share your experiences around natural gardening and conserving plant diversity!


Understanding and Respecting Boundaries

For many years now, providing a new home for dogs with a history has been an important concern of mine. Not only are they part of my everyday life, they also teach me a lot about attending to special needs and therefore also make me more attentive - not only regarding dogs. Taking responsibility for elderly and often traumatized dogs turns my attention to both the beautiful and challenging aspects of living together.

I am interested in exchanging experiences about "elderly dogs" and "shelter dogs."


Crossing and Accepting Boundaries

Hiking and mountain climbing are ways for me to find my own rhythm, to experience my physical and mental limits, to test them, to take in the raw beauty of the landscape, to stand at the edge of an abyss, to come into contact with the living and desolate (bio)diversity without causing it any harm.

I would love to exchange experiences on women and mountains!





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